What makes us different


Evolution Boats is family owned and operated.

Starting with an idea to build his dream Boat, Paul aka. “Junga”, with Melinda’s help built Evolution Boats into what we see today.

Evolution Boats was a natural progression for Junga. A qualified shipwright with two decades of experience building boats for another well–known Australian boat manufacturer. The first Evolution model, the 550; was built in his garage at home!

Design Meets Fishability

The Evolution Boats brand quickly became synonymous with excellence, safety, stability and quality. Popular with Victorian boaters from the outset, Evolution was turning the heads of serious boaters all around the country. Hardcore fishing boats are built for hardcore anglers… and there are even bigger things to come.

Hand Laid Construction

There are no shortcuts to building an Evolution, all fibreglass is hand–laid for ultimate hull strength.

Australian Made

All Evolution Boats are made in Australia, using materials sourced from Australian-based companies.

Stability & Handling

Wide reverse chines and planning plank means your Evolution is a stable fishing platform.

30+ years of marine manufacturing experience

Paul started his boat-building career as a 17-year-old apprentice building plate aluminium boats then progressing to fibreglass boats where he honed his talents in designing the ultimate fishing boat. See the fibreglass boat-building process first-hand.

Evboats logo

From the garage at home to the factory

The idea of building the ultimate fishing weapon began in the garage where the plans for the first boat are displayed on the garage wall. Once a few boats were built it became apparent a bigger space was needed. We then moved into the complex we can be found in today. Come visit the factory for a tour and we will show you our manufacturing process.



Based in Melbourne, Victoria, and headed by husband and wife team Paul and Melinda Junginger. In addition to building fibreglass fishing boats, they are also specialised manufacturers of innovative fibreglass products. Including bait boards, seat boxes, live bait/storage boxes, hardtops and other marine accessories. Quality products are in high demand from boat builders all over Australia.

Paul “Junga” Junginger

Paul “Junga” Junginger


“I love watching people catch their first ever Marlin. And we’ve done it a few times now with a few customers and people. That’s what boating is about, going out for a BBQ with the family and enjoying the outdoor life. We build boats for those great family fishing trips and memories.”

Melinda Junginger

Melinda Junginger


“What makes us different is we take feedback from our customers on board. We work directly with our customers to constantly adapt our products. But we also use the products ourselves as a husband and wife team.”

Award Winning

From the day we launched the Evolution range of boats we have not rested on one design and continue to strive to be the best. Listening to customers’ feedback has been vital to fueling our innovation and developing feature-rich boats award-winning boats that are engineered specifically for hardcore fishermen.


Boat of the Year 2008

Fishing Trailerable Fibreglass GRP Under 6m


Trailer Boat MagazineAustralia's

Greatest Boats 2011 – Fibreglass Fishing Boats



Fishing Boat of the Year 2009



All our models have the same basic principle, large fishing platforms with second to none stability at rest.  Browse our models to find the one that suits your needs


Offshore fishing machine with the ultimate weather protection.


Award-winning fishing boats with maximum storage and space.

Centre Console

Large fishing platform perfect for rivers and estuaries.


Popular in all climates with functional stainless accessories.